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News guides 06 December 2023, 02:58

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Dreamlight Valley - Something Comes Knocking Guide, Matryoshka Dolls Locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley has added Jack Skellington to the game, together with the quest Something Comes Knocking. Find out how to complete it and where to find Matryoshkas here.

Source: Disney Dreamlight Valley / X (Twitter), developer: Gameloft

There are many novelties in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game has recently left early access, released a paid expansion, a Rift in Time, but also a free update, all at the same time. Even if you don’t purchase the DLC, you can now get Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

How to obtain Jack Skellington in Dreamlight Valley

Jack Skellington is unlocked from a quest that should be available right after you install the free update. You also need to have the Forgotten Lands biome unlocked to begin the task.

You will have to collect 4 Matryoshka dolls around different locations in the game. The Matryoshka will show up as a small, glowing figurine on the ground.

Once you’ve found all 4, talk to Merlin, who will instruct you to go to Forgotten Lands and find somewhere to put the dolls. Go to the biome and search for a tree that hasn’t been there before – you can distinguish it by a carving of a pumpkin on the bark. After you’ve located it, just put the Matryoshkas inside the tree by interacting with it, and Jack will appear in your Valley. Buy him a house to live in, place it and you’re set.

Matryoshka Dolls Locations in Something Comes A’knocking

Finding all the 4 Matryoshkas won’t be a walk in the park, as the locations they appear in are random. However, based on the experiences from players, we have compiled a list of biomes the dolls might show up in.

  1. The Plaza – we recommend starting your search here to kick off the quest, as this location is guaranteed,
  2. Forest of Valor,
  3. Sunlit Plateau,
  4. Peaceful Meadow,
  5. Glade of Trust.

If you’ve checked all of these locations but are still missing some dolls, try to look in other biomes in the game, as your Matryoshkas might have spawned in some rare spots.

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