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News guides 22 November 2023, 05:48

author: Agnes Adamus

All Cosmetics, Suits and Skins in Lethal Company and How to Get Them

In Lethal Company you can change the look of your character. From this guide, you will learn about the list of available suits.

Source: Lethal Company, developer: Zeekerss

Lethal Company is popular co-op horror. During the game, you play the role of a worker who collects scrap metal on abandoned moons on orders of the Company. If you wish, you may make your avatar more beautiful. You can change the appearance of your character. Here, you will find a list of all available suits.

Cosmetics in Lethal Company

At the moment, If you want to change the look of your characters, you can only wear a different suit. There are currently four outfits available:

  1. Orange Suit – basic skin. Every player wears this suit by default.
  2. Green Suit – cheap skin that costs 60.
  3. Hazard Suit – costs 90. Despite its name, it does not provide any additional protection. Instead, it has a yellow colour.
  4. Pajama Suit – costs 900. Cute blue dotted outfit.

One transaction provides four suits. So, when you pay for the outfit, it will appear in the ship's wardrobe and everyone on board will be able to wear it.

The suits will be available for the entire run. When you get fired, game will start all over again. You will lose everything you have bought and your cash will return to its original state. So, you will have to buy everything again.

You can also modify the look of your ship. In addition to useful upgrades, you can also buy items that will only change the appearance of the interior.

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Lethal Company

Lethal Company

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