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News guides 06 December 2023, 02:30

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Multiplayer not Working Issue Explained

Many players have found it difficult to enjoy multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have issues with it as well, here you will find some useful information.

Source: Disney Dreamlight Valley, Developer: Gameloft

Many of us have grown up watching magical Disney tales and Pixar animations. Who didn’t dream about joining our favourite characters in their wondrous lands? Now, we finally have such chance as a mix between life simulator and TPP adventure in those worlds has been fully released. Disney Dreamlight Valley not only allows to jump into the world with Mickey, Buzz Astral, Stich, and many other iconic figures – you can also share the fun with your friends and close ones in multiplayer. Well, you can, if there aren’t any issues with it. Sadly, many players are unable to enjoy it the way they would like. Here we have gathered some tips to help you out connecting with your friends and relatives in those fairytale worlds.

Multiplayer difficulties in Disney Dreamlight Valley explained

It is always better to experience things with others, where we can share our joy, sadness and other emotions together. That’s why many players would like to try out Disney Dreamlight Valley with their friends and relatives. It is, however, difficult as of now since there are quite several limitations when it comes to multiplayer in DDV. A number of players have reported that in some cases, they cannot connect to others.

First things first though. It is crucial to note that even though the game features cross-play, it is not working with PlayStation. That effectively means that PS is a lone… valley when it comes to multiplayer and fans on this platform can play only with each other. However, if you chose to play on PC, Xbox, or Switch, there should be no problems with having fun together.

To even start thinking about visiting others, you have to complete a quest called “Valley Visits” that is given by Vanellope, a girl from Wreck-It Ralph animation. There is a catch though. In order to have it available, you must download the latest game patch, entitled The Pumpkin King Returns, that was made available alongside the game’s debut in full version (after Early Access period) on 5th December 2023.

Functionality of multiplayer in DDV

However, even if you will be able to successfully connect to other players, fans report that there are severe restrictions of what you can do. It is impossible to interact with their worlds besides:

  1. Picking up flowers.
  2. Dropping items from their inventory, which serves as a trade.
  3. Purchasing items at Scrooge’s Store.

If you would like to visit host’s house or Scrooge’s Store, they have to enter first and the host can’t exit before guests leave the building. However, if the owner desires, upon quitting their home/store they can force people out.

There is one thing that you should keep an eye out while visiting your friends – Pixel Shards. This unique item is obtainable only while travelling to other players’ valleys. This ingredient can be used to craft Glitchy Pixel Duplicate Pack and Pixelized Cooking flame. While the first allows for substituting other items while crafting, the second makes it possible to double the number of meals that you can cook.

As Disney Dreamlight Valley left Early Access, it was expected it to have more multiplayer activities. Now, the only thing that can be done is to wait for more patches that will expand this functionality. Let’s hope that Gameloft will draw more from such rich environments that Disney and Pixar worlds offer.

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