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News video games 06 December 2023, 08:08

author: Adrian Werner

Search for More GTA 6 Cities Continues; New Plausible Theory

Thanks to the analysis of GTA 6's trailer, an inquisitive gamer has most likely discovered one of the cities we will find in the game.

Source: Rockstar games

The most important event of the last few days was the release of the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI, the latest installment of Rockstar Games' hit series. Fans threw themselves into analyzing every frame of this trailer. It is possible that one of them revealed the next city that we will come to visit during the game.

  1. Only Vice City was officially confirmed as a location in the game, but it is also known that we will visit other places during the game. One fan spotted elements in the trailer suggesting that we will also visit a fictional version of Tampa.
  2. Cities in Grand Theft Auto are fictional, but they are based on real metropolises, and the devs put a lot of effort into recreating familiar landmarks. A fan known as mylord found views in the trailer that appear to be based on those from Tampa.
  3. In the first scene of the trailer, we can see cars driving over a bridge. Its shape, as well as other elements of the scenery, such as specific twin towers with power lines, seem to be modeled on Tampa.
Search for More GTA 6 Cities Continues; New Plausible Theory - picture #1

Source photo mylord

It all looks convincing, and Tampa itself, located in Florida, would be a natural location as an additional city in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Recall that for now GTA 6 is heading only for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, with a release date of 2025. The game will almost certainly arrive on PC as well, but we will wait longer.

  1. Rockstar Games - official website

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