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News guides 04 December 2023, 02:18

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Get Your HoloParade Code and Gift

HoloParade is a newly released Tower Defense game based on the HoloLive franchise. Check how to claim the gift code the developers have prepared for launch. .

Source: HoloParade, developer: Roboqlo, publisher: holo Indie

The HoloLive franchise, which promotes a colourful cast of Virtual talents – Vtubers, and content involving them, has inspired another game, after the success of the fan-made Holocure. HoloParade is a 2D Tower Defense reminiscent of The Battle Cats. The game is available on Steam, and the players can redeem a gift code to help them out at the start. Find out what the gift is and how to enter the code below.

Get Your HoloParade Code and Gift

As of the time of writing this guide, there is currently one known gift code for HoloParade: HOLOGIFT. You can enter it after selecting the Giftcode option on the Home (office) screen, after entering your player’s name and viewing the intro. The present it unlocks is 1 Gacha Ticket.

HoloParade includes a gacha system, which means that characters are obtained from random pulls; however, it is not monetized. Aside from entering the gift code, you can get gacha tickets by completing stages in the game for the first time. After rolling the gacha 30 times, you will be able to redeem a Selection Ticket. It will allow you to pick any UR character currently available that you want. It means that thanks to the gift code, you will be one step closer to adding one of the powerhouses into your party without relying on random chance.

According to the fans’ recommendations, Usada Pekora and Houshou Marine are great characters that will carry you through the most difficult content available so far. Of course, if you’re a HoloLive fan, don’t let it stop you from picking your favourite instead. If the Vtuber you like the best is not in the game yet, you may also choose to wait for more characters to be added, as the roster is expected to be expanded in the future.

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