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Vampyr Game Guide

Vampyr Game Guide

Bloody action RPG! Guide to Vampyr contains everything you need to know in order to successively suck blood. Here you'll learn how to unlock all NPC's hints. You will also find the description of all missions and side-tasks, as well as collectibles, weapons, and skills.

Last update: 12 July 2018

The following guide for Vampyr will prepare you for the darkest and bloodiest nights on the streets of London. Our guide is a compendium where everyone can find answers to questions as well as tips that will make the beginning of the game easier. The guide discusses the most important topics such as NPCs that can increase your blood level. Other topics include character progression system, the best abilities and good starting weapons. The guide ends with our solution that includes side quests descriptions.

The guide opens with starting tips and basics - there, you can find tips for starting the game. In this part you can learn, e.g. what are the differences between killing citizens and not obeying your vampire nature - is it worth to kill citizens in Vampyr or is it better to save and help them. Here, you can also find chapters dedicated to character progression system, crafting (it serves an important role in the game) and you can learn about a peculiar division between main and side quests and activities. You can also learn about the safehouse mechanic that can be found throughout the entire London.

The guide wouldn't be completed without a FAQ section where we answer numerous questions, e.g. can you complete the game without killing anyone, can you sneak on PC, when is it worth to suck blood or how to open locked chests, safes and wardrobes? We also give tips on which weapons are the best and what abilities are useful in combat.

Vast description of the districts is the core of the guide for Vampyr. There, you can find descriptions of districts including information about locations and NPCs that can be found in a given area. We have also pointed out each hint necessary for unlocking NPCs' blood level. Each page dedicated to Docks, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel and West End contains information on key locations, quests or secrets.

Appendix contains less important information - check out Controls chapter if you have problems with the controls in Vampyr or head over to PC requirements chapter if the game isn't running smoothly for you. Here, you can also learn about Trophies and Steam achievements available in Vampyr.

Jonathan Reid is a surgeon who, after a long absence, returns to London. During his way back he gets bitten by a mysterious vampire. After awakening he discovers that he himself became a nocturnal blood drinker, a damned creature and fear of the night - a vampire. This is where the game starts - Jonathan Reid tries to understand what exactly have happened, who has turned him into a vampire and who stands behind the Spanish flu pandemic.

Author: Grzegorz Misztal (

Starting tips

Check out these starting tips before you start playing Vampyre yourself. They will help you enter the game's brutal and sick world. Here, you can learn the basic mechanics that rule London and that will help you hunt your first few victims. See if it is better to kill NPCs and drink their blood or is it better to do otherwise - to play as a saint vampire who won't sully his mouth with human blood. The tips will be useful at the beginning of the game.

Starting tips

  1. Decide how you want to complete the game right after starting it. The game will soon suggest you to suck Clay Cox's blood. If you do that the citizen will die - this grants you a lot of experience points. Decline this offer if you want to complete the game without killing (and remember to repeat this choice in the later sections of the game).
  2. Try to get a powerful one-handed weapon and focus on developing endurance. A one-handed weapon is fast, gives you mobility during fights and allows you to deal good damage. In Pembroke hospital you can find a surgeon saw in one of the rooms on the upper floor. This is an acceptable weapon - increases Jonathan's endurance to use it well.
  3. Your character rebirths after death. Jonathan is an immortal vampire which means that you get back to alive after dying. The game spawns you before a place where a fight took place. However, you keep acquired items and gained experience.
  4. Blood points after scoring a hit. During weapon upgrades, you should pay attention to those upgrades that allow you to get blood points upon hitting a target. Try to get them as fast as you can - they will allow you to use vampire abilities constantly during fights.
  5. Pick up everything. On streets, you can collect items from chests, drawers and even garbage bins. Try to make this your habit - these items can be used in crafting. Also, chests and other containers are replenishable - go back to them after some time to be able to collect new materials.
  6. Enemies are respawning. In Vampyr, enemies do respawn - this means that they will return to a place that was cleared out by you. Combat gives you a small amount of experience. Items dropped by them are more valuable.
  7. Develop autophagy. This is one of the best abilities in the game - Jonathan heals by biting himself. Develop this ability to be able to heal mid-fight.
  8. Resting in a bed speeds up time. Go to a bed to spend your experience points. This also has another feature - your consequences can be experienced during the next night, there are changes to health level of a given district, some NPCs can disappear etc.
  9. Dodges are the key during fights. Enemies usually have very powerful attacks which means that you have to absolutely avoid them. Keep an eye on your stamina bar - when you attack be sure to leave a little bit of stamina to be able to, e.g. jump away from an enemy. Using entire stamina on offensive can expose you to counterattacks.
  10. Hints about citizens. Once you reach Pembroke Hospital, you will be able to speak with citizens and to get hints about their past. This is very important because a character with all hints discovered gives you much more experience when you drink their blood. Stay vigilant when you are talking with an NPC - sometimes, certain dialogue lines can block you from getting new hints.
  11. Find and solve investigations. Speak with NPCs to learn about their worries. Someone has lost their wallet, while other character is followed - these quests are called investigations. They are side quests that usually give you a rather good reward, a little bit of experience and unlock another citizen hint. Try to complete them on an ongoing basis - however, some of them can be done during later stages of the game.
  12. At the beginning you should focus on the main storyline. You are probably tempted to explore the city - however, you will quickly come across rather powerful enemies. The best thing that you can do at the beginning of the game is to focus on the storyline - once you reach Whitechapel, you will be able to afford more freedom in exploring.
  13. Don't drink blood from citizens of whom you didn't discover any hints. Drinking blood of a citizen without knowing about their past will give you only a small amount of experience points. It is much better to help them, make sure that they are healthy and then... bite them in their necks.

Drinking blood and abstinence

Our decision what kind of a character we want to play as in Vampyr is the key choice. You can complete the game as a killer who hunts citizens or as a good doctor who managed to tame his hunger. Both gameplay styles differ from each other:

  1. Killing citizens makes the game much easier - drinking blood makes Jonathan more powerful thanks to bigger amount of experience points.
  2. Killing citizens also has an impact on a overall health status of a given district. They can have one of the following health statuses: sanitized, healthy, stable, serious, critical and hostile. Killing citizens worsens a district's status. A district can fall once it reaches critical status - enemies will spawn in that area.
  3. You can complete the game without killing anyone. This is a little bit more difficult to do - although Vampyr doesn't need to be difficult thanks to developing your character in a certain way. Thanks to that you shouldn't worry about the game being too difficult if you decide to not drink blood.

First few steps after starting the game

Our guide for Vampyr is a complex compendium. Below we have listed pages that can be very useful at the beginning of the game.

Quick and good start in London

Vampyr opens with an exhilarating escape but soon you will reach the first safehouse. This is a good moment to stop and read a few tips that can be useful in your exploration.

  1. Character development- this chapter focuses on ways of developing Jonathan Reid as well as different builds - here you can learn how to develop your own vampire so he will be able to handle himself during every fight. However, you can also read about leveling up and getting experience points (blood).
  2. Types of quests and in-game activities - this chapter is dedicated to all types of activities found in the game. The majority of your time with the game will be spend on main storyline during which you follow the story of Jonathan and his bloodlust as well as the reasons for his transformation into a vampire. Completing investigations and getting hints on citizens will also take you some time. Another element of the game that will take you a while is the exploration of London - one of the things that you can do is to find collectibles that can tell you more about the game's world.
  3. Safehouses - are places where Jonathan Reid can hide from danger as well as refill ammo, collect loot, move the story and - the most important thing - to level up and unlock active and passive abilities. Sleeping in a bed opens the character development screen but it also speeds up time which is equally important! One day passes when you sleep in a bed.
  4. Prologue - these are your first moments with the game which are also described in our guide. Your task is simple here - run away from vampire hunters. The only problem that you can come across here is the path to your destination - it isn't marked anywhere on the map.
  5. Eternal thirst - the next quest in the game. Go through streets of London and avoid vampire hunters to reach your first safehouse. Remember: our guide points out all critical moments that can give you trouble.
  6. Crafting - just like in other games, your character in Vampyr can craft items. This gameplay mechanic is rather useful because upgrading weapons (including pistols) not only increases their damage but also reduces stamina consumption. Thanks to weapon upgrades you can also, e.g. inflict life steal status which steals an enemy's health upon a hit. Crafting also allows you to create medicines for fatigue, pneumonia and other diseases that affect NPCs.
  7. How to defeat the first boss - William Bishop - this fight happens during the prologue. William Bishop is a Skal, a lesser vampire who is still a very dangerous enemy. Read this chapter to find out how to defeat this enemy - the chapter includes the strategy for this opponent and it features a video from this fight.

Further gameplay - reaching the Hospital

Reaching Pembroke Hospital starts the proper game - London is now open to you. You not only get access to a new and bigger safehouse but you also meet a dozen of new NPCs. Speak with everyone, learn about their characters and stories. Some of them can give you new quests (so-called investigations) - complete them to get experience points.

  1. Is embracing Clay Cox a good idea? - Clay Cox is one of the first NPCs that you will meet in the game. This petty criminal is know from his rather dubious opinion and alcoholism. This is the first moment where the game gives you a choice - kill Clay Cos or spare his life? Remember: You don't have to kill anyone in Vampyr.
  2. What should I do with Dorothy Crane? - Dorothy Crane is one of the more important characters in the game and she can be found in Pembroke Hospital district. This is also a very important choice in the game - kill Dorothy or spare her life? The walkthrough will show you the consequences of both choices.
  3. Night Shift - another mission in the chapter 2. Jonathan Reid wakes up after resting at Pembroke Hospital. This quest isn't easy because you will come across enemies with higher levels than yours, including a boss - Jon Doe who is at level 7 and he can disappear. You must head to an old morgue to find iron tartrate, quinine and sodium hypochlorite. During this quest you will also unlock "The harder they fall" investigation.
  4. A rat in hospital - this quest will help you to learn more about Lady Ashbury. Our solution can help you find out who is behind the blackmail, and to unlock "Claustrophobia" investigation. Start by interrogating a few NPCs from the hospital, including the patients, to find the first clues. This quest also features a boss fight - Sewer Beast, a difficult enemy who is at level 9.


We have dedicated a lot of time and space to answer the most frequent questions about Vampyr game. Here you can find answers to the following questions:

Can you complete the game without killing anyone? - DONTNOD's game introduces a few solutions and choices that have impact on the world of Vampyr. The most basic choice is whether you want to kill NPCs and drink their blood in order to get a lot of XP or to spare their lives. Here, you can learn whether you can complete Vampyr without killing any NPCs or not, and if yes so, how difficult it is?

What happens when a district falls? - what happens when a district's health level goes below critical level? What happens when you kill a very important character in a district, when you stop healing sick and when you start killing citizens every night? We have prepared a page that will tell you about citizens of London's tragic fate of.

How to water the plant? - no one said that a vampire can't be an ecologist. When you reach the Pembroke Hospital and receive access to new safehouse and your office, you'll see poor looking plant. Let us introduce your new friend - a pot flower. When trying to interact with him, Jonathan will comment that the plant need water. The answer is - YES, you can water the plant and we'll tell you how. To do this you need to travel to West End...

How to sneak in Vampyr? - this isn't that obvious. On consoles, sneaking can be simple and works as it should. However, playing the PC version on a keyboard and mouse can cause problems with sneaking mechanic. This page contains information on how to sneak on enemies and kill them stealthy.

How to create a powerful character? - this chapter contains information on our reliable build for Jonathan Reid. This surgeon has enough strength to be able to get out of any fight with a full health bar. You have to remember about a few important factors such as using one-handed weapons or upgrading them by using the crafting mechanic to lower stamina consumption. Check our best build for Vampyr!

How to get crafting materials for upgrading weapons? - crafting is very useful in the game. Thanks to it you can, e.g. upgrade your weapon greatly which is a necessity if you want to complete the game. In this chapter you can learn how to acquire triggers and handles which are the most important parts in weapon upgrading process.

Which weapon is the best? - Vampyr features a lot of weapons. Shotguns, hammers, axes - which weapon is the best one? We have decided to create a chapter that will make your choice easier. Here, you can read which weapons we think are the best in the game.

How to open locked chests? - you can often come across locked chests, safes or wardrobes. To open them you need a key that is carried by a person who owns a given container. This page contains information on how to get those keys and how to access valuable goods.

Can citizens die on their own? - citizens of the world of Vampyr can suffer from various diseases. There are multiple situations where a healthy citizen can suddenly suffer from, e.g. pneumonia or neuralgia. Can the citizens die from those diseases? Check out this page!

How to unlock all medicaments? - Jonathan needs to create medicaments to be able to heal the citizens. However, this isn't easy because majority of the medicaments are locked. How to unlock a drug for a headache, migraine or neuralgia? Check this chapter - we have listed recipes that are necessary in unlocking these medicaments.

When is a good moment to drink a citizen's blood? - you very quickly get a chance to drink blood from your first victim - Clay Cox. Is this worth it? This page gives you the answer when is the best time to suck blood from the citizens of Vampyr's world.

How to get a lot of experience? - this page focuses on the topic of getting experience. Here, you can learn how to get a lot of XP - regardless of whether you play as a murderous vampire or a docile doctor.

How to get a lot of crating materials and shillings? - crafting is very useful in this game. You can upgrade weapons, craft medicaments for sick or prepare a serum that will help Jonathan in combat. In this chapter you can learn how to get a lot of crafting materials and shillings.

How to be efficient in combat? - combat can be difficult. Usually, the enemies have higher levels than yours. They are also faster and deal massive damage. At the beginning of the game Jonathan is rather weak and has problems with defeating a few enemies at the same time. Read our tips on how to become more efficient in combat.

How to change language version on PS4? - changing language on PlayStation 4 is a little bit problematic. One of the things that you have to do is to change the interface language of your console.

Can I sell Jonathan's watch from the beginning of the game? - at the beginning of the game you can acquire Jonathan's watch. What you can do with it? Turn back time, jump between realms? Well... this chapter contains a trivial truth about this item.

What can be replenished by a chest inside a safehouse? - approach a chest to replenish your supplies. This page contains information on what precisely gets replenished.

Can Harvey Fiddick be operated? - Harvey Fiddick came to the hospital with a damaged arm. Can Jonathan, the main character of Vampyr, help him and operate the man himself? Read this chapter to find out.

Districts in Vampyr

The game is set in London, and the locations are divided into districts. The world of Vampyr consists of 4 districts full of quests, investigations, secrets (hints), NPCs and enemies. The districts' descriptions found in our guide contain also contain information on NPCs' locations and hints that are necessary in unlocking new blood levels! Here you can find collectibles that you can later use to blackmail NPCs or you can learn with whom you should speak with.

Vampyr is divided into 4 districts:

Docks - the first location that you will reach in the game. Docks are the least pleasant district although, truth be told, it is not the worst one. Here, you can find, e.g. "Turquoise Turtle" pub open all night inside which you can find Dr. Edgar Swansea. You go back to this place later in the game but this time your focus will be on a mysterious priest - Sean Hampton.

Pembroke Hospital - this hospital is your safehouse, working place and a cover for your vampire nature. This is the place where you will spend most of your time in the game. Here, you can speak with a lot of patients (Thelma Howcroft convinced herself that she is a vampire) and start quests related to the doctors. Dr. Swansea is the pillar of this district - he will try to help you find the source of your vampirism.

Whitechapel - a rather poor district where people disappear constantly. Those who disappear never come back - this is related to, e.g. an increased presence of Skals in this area. Dorothy Crane is this district's pillar - she distributes medicaments and helps sick. Other important characters are, e.g. Father Tobias Whitaker, Joe Peterson and Darius Petrescu.

West End - the last district. This is where the aristocracy lives. Here, you can also find Jonathan Reid's family house. Another important place is The Ascalon Club where the most prominent vampires meet. Aloysius Dawson is the pillar of this district - he is an older aristocrat who tries to cheat death. Other important characters are lord Redgrave, lady Ashbury and Usher Talltree.

You should also check out our general pages dedicated to the districts:

  1. General information - here you can learn about health level and check out number of citizens living in each of the districts.
  2. District's pillar - who are they? What function do they serve? What happens when a pillar dies? Read this page to find out.
  3. Blood quality and healing citizens - blood quality and using medicaments to heal citizens are correlating with each other. We have prepared this page to show you how healing others work and what it means to Jonathan.
  4. Finding and blocking hints - getting hints allows you to learn more about the characters. Thanks to that you can increase amount of experience gained when you are drinking their blood. This also allows you to unlock certain investigations. Remember that hints can be locked by you permanently!

We also have prepared descriptions of all investigations available in the game. Check out the pages listed below to learn how to complete side quests.

  1. Investigations in Pembroke Hospital - Missing ingredients, Burn after reading, Midnight in the garden of good and evil, The harder they fall, Working tool, Wrong target, Claustrophobia.
  2. Investigations in the Docks - Cemetery ghouls, Fearless vampire hunter, War spoils, Lack of key product, Tribute to the victims, Symbol of filial love, Hide and seek.
  3. Investigations in Whitechapel - Trinkets and more, A beloved souvenir, The crusade, Eye of occultism, A promising recruit, A widow in trouble, Retaliation.
  4. Investigations in West End - Journey to the past, Pandora's Box, A surprise for the London gourmet, Apple does not fall far from the tree.

Bosses in Vampyr

Vampyr features a lot of bosses. Most of the fights with them happen at the end of a chapter or in the final part of a quest.

  1. William Bishop - the first boss in the game. It can be found at the end of the mission "Take me to the hospital". This is the first Skal and a test of your combat skills.
  2. John Doe - this opponent is also a Skal, but compared to the previous boss, he is much more dangerous. You will come across him in the Old Cellar while performing the task "Night Shift" - it's a strong enemy, which in its initial form can strain a lot of blood.
  3. Battle in sewers - this werewolf-like enemy will attack you in the canals during the "A Rat in the Hospital" mission. It is big, fast and doesn't like vampires.
  4. Vincent Sheen i Toby Sheen - Double boss, double trouble. You will face a battle with two hunters, who will also call on other Priwen minions during the battle. It will not be easy...
  5. H.G. Griffin - This is an optional boss that you can meet by doing a "Missing Components" investigation for Dr. Thoreau Strickland. Another Skal, this time at quite a high level - it is better not to attack him too quickly, because he can be a serious problem.

About Vampyr Game Guide

Author : Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal for

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Vampyr Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
  • publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • platform: PC, XONE, PS4

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