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Lords of the Fallen Guide

Lords of the Fallen Guide

The journey of a dark crusader Lords of the Fallen guide is the best tips for beginner's, for character development, defeating bosses. We describe the best weapons, best armor, Axiom, Umbral, character classes, save points, trophies, hardware requirements, controls, game length.

Last update: 15 November 2023

Our guide to Lords of the Fallen will help you familiarize yourself with all the mechanics in the game. Moreover, we offer breakdowns of all boss battles, both mandatory and side ones, and list rewards obtained for defeating them. We also inform about the best weapons, tell you which class to choose at the beginning, how to fight and what Axiom and Umbral are. Additionally, the guide supplies a FAQ chapter where we answer all questions that may arise during gameplay.

Lords of the Fallen: Guide content

In the first chapter of the guide, you will find our starting tips for Lords of the Fallen. We also describe how Axiom and Umbral work, how to fight enemies correctly, what consequences a character's death has and how to farm vigor.

The second chapter contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. There, we answer how to parry, perform stealth attacks, whether it is possible to pause the game, how to create save points and much more.

A separate chapter is devoted to bosses, i.e. powerful opponents. We divided them into main bosses, who must be killed to move the plot forward, and side bosses, who are just optional enemies. Here you will find information what tactics should be used to kill them quickly, and a list of rewards that you will receive after defeating them.

The last chapter of our guide to Lords of the Fallen is an appendix, where we describe all supported languages as well as the PC system requirements. You'll also find a list of trophies, game editions, and whether the game is available on Game Pass.

Lords of the Fallen: Tips and tricks

  1. Destroy objects and obstacles - you'll encounter a lot of wooden chests and other objects in the game that can be destroyed easily, even by dodging towards them. We recommend destroying objects religiously, as they may leave loot or even lead to secret/additional pathways.
  2. Use Umbral Lamp whenever possible - this is an item received at the very beginning of the gameplay. Thanks to it, you can discover new pathways that initially could seem dead ends, and switch to Umbral world. It also has combat capabilities - you can use it to damage and eliminate opponents. For example, an inaccessible chasm may turn out to be connected via a bridge that is only seen in Umbral world. If enemies step on such spectral bridge, turn off the lamp and they will fall to their deaths.
  3. Don't sell Umbral Scouring - initially, the item cannot be even used, and the only information you receive about it is that you can sell it at Mohlu. Don't do it, as they can be used to obtain unique weapons, armor sets, or even spells thanks to Remembrances. Don't get rid of Umbral Scouring - this is the currency.
  4. Use Ranged weapons on suspended objects - during your sessions, you may encounter items that are inaccessible from the ground level. Instead of trying to pick them up , use your ranged weapon and target it. This will make the item fall, and possible to collect.

You can read more starting tips on a separate page of our guide: Tips and tricks.

Lords of the Fallen: Basics

  1. Character creation wizard - on this page we show the steps you need to take to create a custom character, including choosing its class and customizing appearance.
  2. Umbral Lamp - here you can learn about all basic uses of the Lamp, including combat and exploration.
  3. Skyrest - on this page we describe the safe hub populated by various merchants and important NPCs.
  4. Death and its consequences - from this page, you'll learn what happens after being deprived of all health points, and how to retrieve lost Vigor.
  5. Difficulty levels - We explain whether there are different difficulty levels and how you can reduce the challenge level.
  6. Best class - We have included our recommendations, among others: for optimal classes for close combat, ranged attacks or using various types of magic.
  7. Secret classes - On this page you will learn about the 4 hidden classes and how to unlock them.
  8. Radiant Magic - You will learn, among others: how to develop this branch of magic, where to buy spells and what are the best radiance spells.
  9. Farming XP - We show example locations for quickly collecting Vitality (XP) so you can level up your character or purchase equipment.
  10. All Remembrances - The page contains a list of all boss remembrances along with information on how to obtain them and who to give them to.
  11. NG+ Mode - We explain what the main assumptions of New Game Plus are and what progress can be transferred to NG+ mode.

Lords of the Fallen: FAQ

World exploration

  1. Does the game feature open world? - on this page, we explain whether the game has a seamless open world, and how the exploration is handled.
  2. How to view the map? - here we answer whether there is a minimap for the player to use and how to view maps-sketches of main locations.
  3. How to jump? - we inform whether jump as a move appears in the game, and how to prepare for jumps and what happens after falling into a chasm.
  4. How to create shortcuts? - on this page we show how to unlock the first shortcut and what are the types of available shortcuts.
  5. How to use fast travel? - we describe the requirements for fast travel and explain whether fast travel is free.
  6. How to create rest areas (Vestiges)? - The page describes how to obtain Vestige seeds and where they can be used to create Anchors Between Realms.
  7. How to repair the elevator in the Bellroom? - We covered a larger environmental puzzle in the Bellrom to restore the elevator mechanism.

Campaign and story-related characters

  1. Is it a soulslike? - we explain whether Lords of the Fallen has soulslike mechanics and whether there are any new additions to the formula.
  2. Do I need to know the previous games? - here we answer whether knowing the previous game's plot and mechanics is needed to have a wholesome experience.
  3. Where is Molhu? - We show you how to reach the Skyrest NPC hiding in Umbral realm.
  4. Is it possible to pause the game? - this page of our guide answers whether can you pause the gameplay in any way besides turning the game off completely.
  5. How to unlock the Dark Crusader? - We explain how to purchase or unlock the tenth character class.
  6. Is it possible to kill The Lightreaper in the prologue? - We answer whether the first confrontation with this boss must be lost and what loot you can get for winning.
  7. Can you have more than one character? - Learn whether you can have more than 1 hero created at a given time.
  8. Where is the Tortured Prisoner? - We show where this character's cell is, how to free her and how to buy items from the Tortured Prisoner.
  9. How to save the game? - Find out whether you can make manual saves in LotF or you need to return to the Vestiges to save the progress.

Quest items

  1. Where is the Skyrest Bridge Key? - on this page we show how to find this unique key and instances of using it.
  2. What is the use of Odd Stone? - We talk about finding Stones as loot and who to give them to.
  3. What are the uses of Book of Sin? - You will find out where exactly the Book is hidden in Umbral realm, as well as who should get it.
  4. How to obtain Umbral Scourings? - We have compiled all the methods of collecting this unique type of materials.
  5. What are the uses of Umbral Scourings? - This page informs whether it is worth selling them, as well as who can receive them.
  6. What are the uses of Bowl of Revelations? - We show where to obtain the Bowl and also explain what new mechanics it will unlock for Molhu.

Character progression and equipment

  1. How to put on a ring? - you may encounter some problems when trying to equip rings and here we show how to activate passive bonuses from rings.
  2. How to replenish ammo and mana? - this page lists all main ways of replenishing mana for spells and ammo for ranged weapons.
  3. How to change the appearance of armor? - here we show how to change the colors of equipment thanks to pigments.
  4. How to accumulate Vigor (XP)? - on this page we list all main techniques of obtaining Vigor i.e. experience points.
  5. What is the maximum character level? - We inform you whether there is an experience level limit and what soft caps for attributes are.
  6. How to get Pieta's sword? - We have compiled all the steps required to purchase the sword Pieta used previously.


  1. How to perform a backstab? - from this page, you'll learn how to perform a correct backstab and how to use it on a Staggered opponent.
  2. How to kill an enemy with a blue bar? - from here you'll learn how to eliminate seemingly invincible enemies with blue health bars.
  3. Do bosses drop weapons? - This page answers whether you can always obtain a unique weapon after defeating a boss.

Lords of the Fallen: All bosses

Main bosses:

  1. Holy Bulwark Otto - the first boss in the game who serves as a introduction to the world of Lords of the Fallen. This fight is essentially a tutorial during which you'll learn the basics of facing bosses.
  2. Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal - a boss standing in your way to the hub - Skyrest. The fight consists of two phases and takes place on a bridge.
  3. Scourged Sister Delyth - an enemy with a blue health bar, which means that during the fight you need to use the Umbral Lamp and siphoning a blue insect.
  4. Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds - an opponent accompanied by dogs. On this page of the guide you will learn how to defeat the boss and her minions.
  5. Congregator of Flesh - an enemy stitched together from several corpses, characteristic for its large size. Has the ability to poison the controlled hero.
  6. Hushed Saint - an agile boss that fights on horseback.
  7. Ruiner - the fight with this boss takes place on a long, narrow bridge. Ruiner charges very often and has many fiery attacks.
  8. Infernal Enchantress - this boss only deals fire damage and surrounds herself with a fiery aura.
  9. Spurned Progeny - a huge giant you fight in a large arena with an extra floor.
  10. Skinstealer - you fight this boss in a very small arena. However, this boss does not have a lot of moves.
  11. Kinrangr Guardian Folard - an opponent who has ice attacks, and what's more, he has several hounds to help him.
  12. Hollow Crow - a boss that you hurt by killing Lucy's specter, which follows the arena and summons smaller versions of enemies.
  13. Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight - the main boss who, after defeating, turns into another opponent, the Unbroken Promise.
  14. Blessed Carion Knight Sanisho - an opponent who can poison the entire arena, the fight takes place on the bridge to the Tower of Penance.
  15. Tancred, Master of Castigations - an enemy fighting with Radiant magic, in the second phase he turns into Reinhold the Immured.
  16. Abbess Ursula - a boss who fights mainly from a distance, wields Radiant magic and can teleport.
  17. Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk - you will be accompanied by the Iron Wayfarer.
  18. Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel - the main boss who has two phases, in the first phase she fights using the Radiant magic, and in the second phase she uses fire magic.
  19. The Lightreaper - the main boss who appears several times in the game; can be defeated in the tutorial.
  20. The Sundered Monarch - a huge enemy that deals a lot of physical and fire damage.
  21. Adyr, the Bereft Exile - the final boss of the Radiance ending.

Optional bosses:

  1. Lingering Despair - an enemy that is very durable, its weak point is its back or a weak point that appears when the boss opens its mouth.
  2. Crimson Rector Percival - an optional boss who has many radiant magic attacks.
  3. Griefbound Rowena - an optional opponent who summons companions to fight and can inflict the frostbite status.
  4. Bringer of Stillness, Nullity, and Silence - a fight against three Bringers, where the next boss appears when the first one takes enough damage.
  5. The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity - an optional opponent who has a large bell on his head. He fights with a hammer and Radiant magic.
  6. Abiding Defender Kyra and Lirenne - two bosses who support each other in battle. They have the ability to resurrect a fallen comrade.
  7. The Iron Wayfarer - an NPC known from the beginning of the game who can become a boss if you try to get the Radiance ending.
  8. Damarose the Marked - another optional boss who was previously a regular NPC. Much like the Iron Wayfarer, you'll fight her as you try to get the Radiance ending.

Lords of the Fallen: All endings

  1. Umbral Ending - This is the most negative and most difficult ending to obtain. It requires killing several NPCs.
  2. Radiance Ending - This ending is related to the path of Radiance Magic.
  3. Adyr Ending - It is also called the Inferno ending.

Lords of the Fallen: Game length

Completing Lords of the Fallen may take up to several dozen hours, and this applies if you explore the worlds of Axiom and Umbral thoroughly to find every treasure and defeat all optional bosses. Visit the Game length page of the guide for details.

Lords of the Fallen: Language versions

The game features several language versions (text-only). Full voice acting is only available in English. You can read more about the subject and other available language versions on a dedicated page (Language versions).

Lords of the Fallen: Trophies, Achievements

Lords of the Fallen has a total of 63 trophies. For tips and descriptions of the trophies, visit a dedicated page (Trophies/Achievements).

Lords of the Fallen: Minimum PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows10 64-bit
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 2.8 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz
  3. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB or AMD Radeon RX 590 8GB
  4. RAM: 12 GB
  5. Disk space: approximately 45 GB (SSD recommended)

More information about the recommended requirements can be found on a separate page of the guide: System requirements.

About Lords of the Fallen Guide

Author : Dawid "DavideLi" Norkowski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

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Lords of the Fallen Video Game

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